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Own Your Audience With High-Tech Green Screen Recordings.

For professionals, content creators, composers and artists, GSS Media provides top-notch recording facilities with soundproofing, top-tier equipment, and knowledgeable crews. Competitively priced services for audio recording, video shooting and much more.

Transforming Ideas Into Reality

Discover a new creative space to meet your needs

Audio Recording Studio Rentals

Provides access to high quality equipment, acoustic treatments for sound recording projects.

Video Shooting Studio Rentals

Green screens, diverse project editing, and on-demand professional graphic designers.

Teleprompter Rentals

A dependable solution with vital features for media, corporates , education and news channels.

YouTube Advertising

Place ads through GSS Maadhyama YouTube channel in different ways to fetch faster results

Cover Page Ads

The media house publishes ads on the cover page of the official channel for a prescribed duration. It appears on top and delivers a significant impact on viewers and provides an excellent platform.

Venue Shoot

If there’s location courtesy extended for a video shoot, the channel will be in terms to publish and market such business entities about their products/services extensively.

L Band Ads

The media house puts up L-shaped ads which is played along with the content for a particular duration. It provides advertisers a competitive edge.

A Glimpse on GSS Maadhyama

GSS Maadhyama is a professional company that brings you the most authentic information from across the globe. We curate a wide range of programs on various subjects such as current affairs, wildlife, life skills, yoga, health, wellness and many more.

GSS Maadhyama is a pure blend of information and knowledge. Started in 2021, it has bagged a whooping fanbase of 70k subscribers and an approximate of 10 million views on varied podcasts till date.

We host excellent orators, efficient spokespersons and privileged people from various walks of life to discuss about their experiences, theories and thought processes required to achieve happiness, satisfaction and recognition respectively.

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GSS Media was formed in 2021 and has four major ventures, of which GSS Maadhyama has over 104k + subscribers on YouTube.

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